• Matt Peters

Community is a NECESSITY, not luxury!

“A proper community is a commonwealth: a place, a resource, an economy. It answers the needs, practical as well as social and spiritual, of its members — among them the need to need one another.”

This is a bold statement to make and in an age where we get bombarded with the messages of "me first" and "do what feels good", we can so easily miss the point of being close to others AND just as important, miss out on the value we bring to them.

From a Christ-centered perspective we know that community is where we glean immense value such as encouragement, shared resources, and love...given and received.

Adventurous Leadership was birthed out of a vision to build an outdoor community. A true community where we can interact, share resources and knowledge, and to connect with one another. Never has there been an outdoor community in Manitoba where a group of ambitious and passionate ministry leaders can gather to share stories without competition and to sharpen each other without reservation. This is our dream, to unite our local ministry leaders and organizations in order to grow and serve together. Manitoba needs a revival of strong camping programs with strong leaders!

I'll be honest and share that most of my early outdoor leadership career was in isolation. Not entirely of my own ambition, rather a culture of "us vs them" among ministries that I naturally fell into. We all kind of did our own thing and not much transfer was happening.

In 2014, after 10 years of working in outdoor ministry, I made a shift and began employment with an organization to have a fresh start. To be brief, I knew that there was something about operating open handed and building a strong community of like-minded people. I'm NOT saying I did things perfectly or even efficiently, but through the messiness and challenges I was proud to see an outdoor community come alive and thrive. This was the catalyst of Adventurous Leadership, a community beyond one small organization and now a provincial resource that is badly needed.

You see, on an organizational level, when we collectively embrace each other for what we can offer them, NOT what we can benefit from them, there is a shift that happens. Our participants get higher quality experiences that are actually transferable. When we "do our own thing", our participants that eventually become leaders only gain one understanding or expectation. If that was wider, say with more outside influence, those leaders have an opportunity for growth and professional development that explodes past where many of our organizations hold them back.

On an individual level, it is also extremely important to open ourselves up to new ideas, ways of doing things, and experiencing more than the bare minimum. Personally I have had the privilege of working for 5 different outfitters and summer camps to build my own systems and ways of doing things. This gave way to an openness to learn beyond what I could do being only with one camp. I had to step out of my own isolation and be part of a community.

“When we live our lives in isolation, what we have is unavailable and what we lack is unprocurable,” wrote Basil (an early Church father).

This is where you are come in, YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY to become part of this community and grow in your skills and ministry development. Never has there been an adventurous offering for someone like you. Starting in January 2020, we will be hosting regular community events for you to get connected to other outdoor leaders, other organizations, and access to resources that will help you grow beyond what your existing context is allowing you to. We're doing it affordably and consistently. Our mission is to help YOU become the outdoor ministry leader that God has destined you to become.

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