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Finding YOUR Bearing

Welcome here!

Something drew you to this blog and our fancy website :)

Maybe you're here because you like spending time in the great outdoors? Maybe because you work at a local Bible camp or outdoor program? Maybe you been impacted and transformed from an outdoor experience and are looking for a place to gain "more of that"? Maybe you have a deep passion to grow as a Christian outdoor leader and you're not sure where to start?!

Outdoor leadership is an amazing endeavour. I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't personally believe it myself. Spending time outdoors, getting our nature fix as well as connecting with God is a rewarding feeling. Manitoba is an amazing place to explore and experience a variety of fun and exciting outdoor pursuits. We have vast forests, lake systems, historic rivers, and 4 seasons that each bring a number of unique outdoor opportunities.

Something has drawn you to investigate what's actually out there in regards to outdoor activity and leading others here in Manitoba.

I want to share that each and everyone of us on the Adventurous Leadership ministry team has or is where you currently are today! We have been in your shoes and most likely still deal with the same challenges and questions you are starting to face:

"How do I pursue my passions as an outdoor leader?"

"What training and certification do I need?"

"Where do I get trained in Manitoba?"

"Are there any local outdoor ministry jobs even available?"

Our goal is to help you gain the tools to find YOUR bearing and start navigating your way on YOUR outdoor ministry leadership journey. As an experienced outdoor educator I can speak from my personal journey of leading others.

Something shifts when you move from being an outdoor enthusiast to an outdoor leader. A focus moves from "your agenda" to "taking responsibility of others' wellbeing". This includes both the practical leadership aspects AND personal spiritual disciplines.

It takes special people to make this transition because you need to be willing to commit yourself to a journey of constant learning, not being afraid of making mistakes, and surround yourself with others to learn from and work with.

To be blunt, outdoor ministry leaders need the following:

- Personal outdoor experience in the environment and activity they intend to lead others.

- Necessary certified (recognized and achieved) skills training for the intended activity and environment (paddling, hiking, biking, etc).

- Risk Management training.

- Training and experience in facilitating an effective evangelism and spiritual formation program.

- Experience Leading others; typically in an apprentice or assistant role with a certified and experienced outdoor leader.

Manitoba has become a challenging place to gain foundational skills, certification, and leadership experience to become an outdoor leader. To be honest, we have had a random offering of courses from local organizations and businesses that seem to come and go which aren't efficiently marketed or organized. Courses cost alot of money as we have to bring in outside instructors and course participation is low. Even if someone becomes certified, there isn't many places to have work in the outdoor industry that pays well and is consistent.

Adventurous Leadership was created to help you gain the necessary resources to develop into trained and effective outdoor ministry leaders. Let me share with you that you can have access to for FREE and NO STRINGS ATTACHED;

1. Community

We are a diverse community of like-minded individuals and organizations that care about the outdoors and sharing it with others. We have a common pursuit of following Jesus and using the outdoors to refresh and as a tool for the Gospel and spiritual formation.

Practically, we facilitate an online community on Facebook, we send out a community E-Newsletter with up to date information and community events, and we provide a network for everyone to have access to everyone else for support, encouragement, and resource sharing.

2. Reliable and Consistent Certification Courses

We facilitate Manitoba's FIRST official outdoor leadership certification training. Our partner ministries and businesses provide DISCOUNTED, you heard me right, DISCOUNTED courses for ministry leaders. These include first aid, canoeing skills, camping skills, risk management, lifeguarding, wilderness canoe tripping/hiking leadership, and more!

3. Outdoor Adventures

We also host outdoor adventures throughout the year to help you gain valuable outdoor skills experience. We believe that outdoor leaders need to get outdoors and get go regularly. We have designed a program that is extremely affordable and will create opportunities for Christians to connect together and participate in corporate outdoor learning. These trips will be hosted by our partner Wilderland Adventure Company and their experienced team of certified ministry leaders.

4. Local Job Boards

There are more ministry job opportunities than we usually think. We believe that having all the job postings in one place will grow our network and create more stabilized and standardized employment in Manitoba.

I want to conclude by sharing that outdoor ministry leadership is dynamic, exciting, and personal. There are expectations and industry standards that we must recognize and adhere to, so our mission is to inspire, equip, and support you through the process.

Our honest intent is to see you grow into who God has called you to become and share that with the world. We're here to help you on your journey and find the community that we all desperately need to achieve that.

Take a minute and SUBSCRIBE to our network if you want to have free access to our resources and become part of an exciting and rewarding community of leaders just like yourself.

More to come,

- Matt Peters, founder of Adventurous Leadership.

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